Top 12 Best Lures For Bass 2023 – Catch Big Bass

There are many factors to consider when deciding which lure is best for your fishing trip. Some anglers prefer spinners over jerk baits and top water lures over soft plastics. There are also a variety of different baits available in various sizes; from the smallest 5″ or 6″ fish bait to large, heavy jugs that will draw bigger fish into the boat and out of the water for a fight!

best lures for bass

Best Bass Lures For Beginners: Before you start looking at the best bass lures for beginners, there is one crucial consideration. There are a lot of companies that make lures and fishing gear, but not all of them are good quality.

Finding the Best Lures For Bass for your location, situation and style should be the top priority when you begin bass fishing. The difference between this and fishing with a spoon is that with a spoon you can easily see what you are doing. With a lure, it’s all about presentation methods. Finding the best bass lures for your situation, location, and use will help prevent missing fish due to poor presentation or lack of recognition of what type of bait is being used.

Best Bass lures are all about presentation and attracting the bass, so deciding which bass lure is best for your location, style, and fishing needs takes some time and trial.

Just like anything else, there are certain things you can do to make sure that your bass fishing gear is going to be in tip-top shape. After all, nothing is worse than catching a great fish with an inferior lure. The best way to ensure this doesn’t happen is by taking the time in advance to clean and lubricate everything correctly before each use.

Having the best bass lures can mean the difference between catching a quality fish, and having a great time in your waders. This is where selecting the right lure with an eye toward what works best in your situation comes into play. Knowing what you need to catch that quality fish and having an understanding of how to use it effectively will help you get close enough to land them big.

Finding Seasonal Types of Best Lures for Bass Fishing

If you are searching for a seasonal type of lure? Click on one of the links below to view our lists of the Best Lures For Bass for each season.

Seasonal Fishing Lures

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Winter

For simplicity, we’ve given a little background information on each and the lure we suggest in each category. Here are the top 12 best lures for bass.

  1. Rapala Rattlin 05 Fishing Lures
  2. Rebel Pop R Triple Threat \ Rebel Lures Pop-R Topwater Popper Fishing Lure
  3. Strike King Square Bill Crankbait
  4. Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait
  5. Lipless Crankbait: Cotton Cordell Super Spot
  6. Heddon Torpedo Prop-Bait Topwater Fishing Lure
  7. Live Target Hollow Body Frog
  8. Best Bass Lures for Summer: Booyah Boo Jig
  9. Z-Man Diezel MinnowZ Swimbait **best swimbait for bass
  10. Berkley PowerBait Pre-Rigged Atomic Tubes
  11. Arbogast Jitterbug Topwater Bass Fishing Lure – Excellent for Night Fishing.

1. Rapala Rattlin 05 Fishing Lures

The Rapala Rattlin 05 Fishing Lures has more than just a lot of bass fishing action. This lure is great for casting and requires little attention when a strike happens. It’s made from super durable materials that do not rust and make it a real workhorse for the angler.

Rapala Rattlin 05  fishing lures begin with a full-sized hook that works in shallow water. Two treble hooks help ensure that you’ll get your prize fish, even when you’re over-casting! The “tuned” sound chamber is loaded with rattling BBs that are harmonic and in tune with nature, alerting bass and panfish to your presence. A special favorite of bass anglers, this lure can be jigged vertically without hook fouling.


  • Great action at slow to very fast retrieve rates.
  • Fast sinking.
  • Optimal casting distance.
  • Available in a different colors.
  • Build in super durable material.
  • Well balanced so it’s easy to control the depth.
  • The loud presentation works well during the spawning season.
  • Black nickel VMC hooks.
  • Standard, 1/8 oz weight.
  • Comes with two 5/0 hooks.
  • Customized and tank-tested.
  • Great action at slow to very fast retrieve rates.
  • Little small.

Also, this lure is a deep running crankbait with sound chambers and harmonic, uniform flash that trigger curiosity. The long-casting lipless design makes this bait viable anywhere you can fish. Fish hear it as the supper bell whether you rip it quickly or slowly.

2. Rebel Pop- R for Topwater Bass Fishing Lure

Our Rebel Pop- R is one of the best topwater bass fishing lures on the market. This proven-deadly lure delivers a variety of spitting, popping, and chugging action that often results in explosive strikes. Each Pop-R has a back treble that has been decorated with hyper-light-attracting glitter filament for extra flash. This surface bait, which has been proven to be deadly, easily produces the spitting, popping, and chugging action that frequently leads to powerful strikes. Long-proven favorite topwater lure from Rebel Bass Lures.”

Also, This lure is Great for fishing at night and day, this is your go-to fish-catching design. With its dressed rear treble and irresistible spitting, popping, chugging action we guarantee you will love it.

I have caught bass on this lure, both in open water and on the lake. This is a great topwater for both shoreline fishing and boat fishing. The rattles are a plus to help attract fish. The Pop-R is a proven topwater bait that has been around for years and doesn’t stop getting better with age.


  • Works great with or without weight.
  • Mimics panicked baitfish
  • It’s the original popping lure.
  • Can be worked quickly across the surface.
  • Standard by which all topwater poppers.
  • concave mouth creates popping action.
  • great for largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass.
  • slowly twitched to mimic a meal.
  • Recreate legendary catches in your own boat.
  • it has the popping action of a dying baitfish.
  • It is a favorite among both anglers and bass alike.
  • Little small lure.

3. Strike King Square Bill Crankbait

 The Strike King Square Bill Crankbait is an attractor and swimbait style bait that delivers big bass in a variety of gamefish-specific environments. Its square bill design allows it to jump erratically with an erratic searching action, allowing you to cover more water and control the strike zone.

The Square Bill Crankbait is designed for skittish, pressured fish. The square bill design forces it to constantly wander with an erratic searching action while still running true. Designed by a 4-time Bassmaster Classic champ, this is the only crankbait you need to take your fishing game to the next level.


  •  Fast aggressive retrieve for topwater fish.
  • Reliable topwater popper for bass fishing.
  • Fished for years by the pros.
  • Easy to use, effective results.
  • Get more bites by covering more water.
  • Makes a topwater “chugging” sound.
  • Fished on a jighead with a slip float.
  • Great action for bass, pike, and muskie.
  • Perfect for bass fishing.
  • Thumping action to trigger strikes from active bass.
  • Match the speed to the mood of the bass.
  •  slow fall and twitch for suspended fish.
  • 100% handcrafted.
  • The smallmouth bass wasn’t particularly exciting.

4. Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait

 The X-Rap bait is versatile and can be fished with several fish-catching actions. The textured body flashes like a beacon and casts like a bullet for long, precise castings. Both the typical Rapala wobbling movement and an aggressive slash bait method can be used to catch it. For the greatest effectiveness, the angler establishes the cadence. This bait has a ton of features from head to tail and premium VMC black nickel hooks that are already hand-tuned and tank-tested to assure excellent performance right away.

 The X-Rap is Rapala’s jigged version of the highly popular original X-Rap lure. This new great-looking lure has a sleek body, with an eye expression that instantly catches attention from all angles.


  • Quick cast and slow retrieve.
  • Long casting system..
  • It suspends and comes to a roll at rest to trigger the bite..
  • Comes in 3 different color patterns.
  • Xtreme attitude
  • hard cutting and aggressive darting action.
  • Integrated long-casting system partners with an irresistible rattle.
  • Suspends and comes to a roll at rest.
  • The perfect size, shape, and 3D illusion of a minnow.
  • Prominent scales and lateral lines.
  • It suspends and comes to a roll at rest to trigger the bite.
  • fast, aggressive, and hard-cutting.
  • Triggers strike and suspend at rest.
  • Great lure for all sizes of game fish.
  • Easy to use.
  • Suspends at rest.
  • Takes fish from cover.
  • None.

5. Lipless Crankbait: Cotton Cordell Super Spot

The Cotton Cordell Super Spot Lipless Crankbait is an excellent choice for smallmouth bass, which normally forage in water depths between 15 and 40 feet. There isn’t much better for quickly covering shallow water than a lipless crankbait like the Sebile Action First Lipless Seeker. They do so in a way that causes arm-rocking impacts by combining vibration, noise, and speed.

Cotton Cordell Super Spot is an effective deep water lure that can be manipulated in any water condition. The vibrations of this lure penetrate all kinds of water, including rapids and bite-proximities. They will catch Bass and give you the power to target any depth because they produce up to 5 different distinct rattling sounds.

Cotton Cordell Super Spot makes for the best deep-water fishing hole-drilled Baits. The Lipless Crankbait lets you target shallow water with a great presentation, quickly reaching accurate depths and working it everywhere in the water column. 

The Sebile Action First Lipless Seeker features a unique design that gives you added control over lure action. The internal rattling ball activates a powerful vibration, attracting bass from anywhere in the water column. A crankbait can be used deep or shallow, anytime bass are actively feeding, but they excel around shallow grass, in spawning areas, and whenever fish are schooling on shad.


  • Ideal for shallow weeds
  • Create action with the multiple rattles
  • Versatile bait for all species
  • Multiple rattles create more noise to attract attention.
  • The buoyant body rides higher in the water column.
  • The compact shape casts like a bullet.
  • It runs over grass well and it’s anti-snagging.
  • The classic shimmy and rattle.
  • Floats in most conditions for a better feel.
  • Tight wiggle and rattles.
  • Multiple colors.
  • Great for all species of fish.
  • A secret bait for pro anglers.
  • Secret bait for the pro angler.
  • Works best in clear and warm waters.
  • Works better at dusk, dawn, and night.
  • A tight wiggle works great in weeds, brush, and rocks.
  • Perfect for any fish.
  • Highly productive lure.
  • Little expensive.

6. Heddon Torpedo Prop-Bait Topwater Fishing Lure

The Heddon Torpedo is the world’s top-selling topwater lure, and for good reason. It’s legendary for casting distance and accuracy, creating a tremendous splashing disturbance that’s great for schooling fish feeding on or near the water’s surface. Whether you’re casting it fast or slow with a steady or sporadic retrieve, it’s versatile enough to be fished with any type of retrieve you like. But the key is to vary your retrieve until you find just the right cadence to trigger strikes.

Add fish-catching action to your next fishing trip with the Heddon Torpedo prop-bait topwater lure. The tubular body, propeller action, and high-density rubber skirt create a tremendous splashing disturbance that can be fished fast or slow, but the key is to vary your retrieve until you find just the right cadence to trigger strikes.

Heddon Torpedo Lures are legendary topwater lures that create a tremendous splashing disturbance that’s great for schooling fish feeding on or near the water’s surface. These lures come in a range of sizes, creating versatile combinations and offering you the opportunity to target all kinds of gamefish — from bass, tarpon, and pike to bonefish, sauger, and redfish.

The flying Heddon Tiny Torpedo Pro is a fantastic lure for bass, crappie, and catfish. The tiny, 1/4-oz propeller lure spits water and makes a ton of noise while floating to the surface. Fish love it!


  • Cast a little farther than most prop baits.
  • Make a huge splash this Spring.
  • Improve your finances!
  • Perfect for schooling fish – schoolie jigs, bluefish.
  • Find a side hustle.
  • Invest in yourself and improve your life.
  • Use these to hook into special fish-holding spots.
  • 2 1/2 Inch Length and 3/8 oz Weight.
  • Write a review and I will send you a free bait pad.
  • Tough hooks keep the fish in the strike zone.
  • Perfect lures for schooling fish.
  • Reviewers point out that the colors can fade soon.

7. Finesse Worms

 Finesse Worms are a soft plastic version of a worm, ideal for catching bass along the bottom. The large head on this bait makes it easier to catch bass and it can be rigged weedless to avoid snags and catches. Green Pumpkin is a great color for targeting Bass. The small head on the worm helps increase its appeal when fished slowly and softly.

 The finesse worm is one of the simplest and most effective techniques for trolling bass. It can be tied on small hooks or larger hooks, mostly depending on how long you wish to drift and what area you are fishing. In Texas, I have found that the finesse worm guides my bait along the bottom, ideal for searching for smaller bass hiding in overgrown vegetation where bigger fish are common. In other areas of the country where it gets colder, I will tie a smaller version of this same rig to not slow down too much as we still need to feel our way around in darker waters.

 The Finesse Worm is a universal bait that works well in many water conditions. The soft plastic body profile stands up to the slight tug from fish teeth and a tail that constantly wiggles when retrieved. The minuscule size together with its subtle action can fool bass into biting on it time after time, making it an easy choice for bass fishermen.


  • Perfect worm when the bass is finicky.
  • Impregnated with salt to increase hold time.
  • Easy, irresistible presentation.
  • Wacky rig or shaky jig head.
  • Built to mimic the swimming action of live worms.
  • Convincing salt impregnated texture for a longer hold time.
  • Salt impregnation increases the number of fish struck.
  • Attach it to any Wacky Rig.
  • The finesse worm feels like a real worm.
  • Great for using on a wacky rig.
  • Works best in clear water – attach it to a shaky head.
  • Modeled after the Slabworm.
  • Good water displacement.
  • Light catching glitter flecks alert slow, lazy fish to its presence.
  • Can be rigged in numerous ways to match conditions.
  • Made to attract big fish.
  • Taper profile mimics live worms.
  • Specially designed for finesse movement.
  • Ideal for post-spawn and clear water days.
  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • Available in a pack of 6.
  • Little smaller than others.

8. Live Target Hollow Body Frog

 The LIVETARGET Hollow Body Frog Topwater Bait has all the attributes to catch big fish; anatomy, detailed color, and effortless action elevating the thrill of topwater fishing to a whole new level. The soft body collapses readily upon strike, and the special double hooks result in increased hook-up rates. The weedless design allows anglers to cast into thick woods or extremely heavy cover for special applications and is best used near grass and lily pads.

The structure, detailed color, and effortless motion of the Hollow Body Frog provide all the qualities necessary to catch large fish, taking the excitement of topwater fishing to a whole new level.


  • The hollow-body frog.
  • Anatomical accuracy of a frog.
  • Hollow body for higher hook-up ratio.
  • Made with durable materials.
  • Great for heavy cover.
  • Available in three weights and 10 colors.
  • Incredibly accurate.
  • ThisLure has detailed color patterns.
  • Naturally weedless.
  • The hollow body collapses when a bass strikes.
  • Use the Hollow Body with silicone streamers.
  • Test it in various conditions.
  • Soft body collapses when a fish strikes, revealing hooks.
  • Double hook design.
  • Weedless.
  • Built for bass fishing.
  • Made of high-quality plastic.
  • Versatile, lightweight, and easy to use.
  • The highest hook-up ratio on the market.
  • Use it for bass fishing.
  • Great for surface presentation.
  • None.

9. Booyah Boo Jig

These amazing, deep-running Booyah Boo Jigs provide all the vital qualities to be completely appealing to any bass. You can go through grass beds and other covers with these jigs thanks to their flat-bottomed heads and heavy-duty weed guards at the beginning. These incredible jigs include a full silicone skirt and natural color combinations, making the water move in a manner that fish find attractive. The skirt can be worn as-is or modified to fit your tastes. Booyah Boo Jigs are designed to quickly punch through dense cover, so you’ll love flipping them in any season and situation.

The Booyah Boo Jig is a great lure with lots of action! The lure features a 2″ leader wire, a flat-bottom head, and a heavy-duty weedguard for maneuvering through grass beds, stumps, and other covers.

 If a battle is what you’re after, these Booyah Boo Jigs have it all. Constructed of strong soft plastic with a flat-bottom head and a steel weed guard, these jigs can handle the work. Each features extra-durable magnum rattles, which produce a call to action whenever you need it, for catching fish in just about any condition.


  • Aggressive bass jigging leads to violent attacks.
  • Heavy weed guard.
  • Double-barreled magnum rattle.
  • The bottom is flat with an 18° rise.
  • Mustad Ultra Point black.
  • Provokes vicious strikes.
  • Mustad Ultra Point black nickel hook.
  • Two magnum rattles.
  • Full body Bio-Flex silicone skirt with 50 strands.
  • Black nickel Mustad Ultra Point hook.
  • 3/8, 1/2, or 3/4oz in excellent colors.
  • The bottom isn’t overly weedy.

10. Z-Man Diezel MinnowZ Swimbait

Every Z-Man Diezel MinnowZ swims like a tiny baitfish on the surface, yet it feels much heavier in your hand — a truly unique sensation. These baits’ extraordinary longevity is made possible by the durable E-Lite technology employed in their construction, even when you tear through grass and other surface covers. Because of the molded-in hook slot and integrated dorsal fin hook pocket, any fish can be caught. which offer optimum weed-lessness and simple hooksets. This is also thanks to the lifelike swimming action at all retrieval speeds. This paddle tail swimbait, which comes in sizes of 4, 5, and 7, performs admirably at all retrieve rates and presentations.

 Designed for freshwater and inshore anglers, the Z-Man Diezel MinnowZ combines unparalleled softness, action, and ElaZtech durability. These baits are among the greatest paddle tail swimbaits available thanks to their exceptional softness, motion, and ElaZtech durability. Freshwater anglers were motivated by Z-legendary Man’s three-inch MinnowZ, and inshore enthusiasts can pop them on a 4/0 jighead for a realistic presentation of the baitfish.


  • Realistic and durable constructed.
  • Unique swimming action draws fish to it.
  • Versatile hook slot.
  • Another great new lure from Z-Man.
  • Shallow water to deep water.
  • Elaztech material.
  • Tough and durable
  • available in 4, 5, and 7-inch sizes.
  • Providing unique natural swimming action.
  • Able to withstand the durability of hard strikes and ripping through the cover.
  • Comes in 3 sizes and 4 colors (gold, navy blue, silver, and ultra glow).
  • Great all-around lure.
  • Works in shallow water, deeper water.
  • Can be worked at all speeds with great action.
  • Trendy and good-looking life-like looks.
  • Designed for your passion and love of fishing.
  • None.

11. Berkley PowerBait Pre-Rigged Atomic Tubes

Berkley PowerBait Pre-Rigged Atomic Tubes are ready-to-fish panfish dynamos… and trout go crazy for these squiggly little guys! Tie them to a float, cast them into the lake, let them sink, and twitch on a slow retrieve to activate the cut tentacles’ subtle movement, then see what you can pull out of the dark depths! The proprietary PowerBait test’s seductive smell and flavor, which has been verified to make fish hold on 18 times longer, is included with the Pre-Rigged Atomic Tubes. More bites mean more fish to hook and more fish to catch! Bring the anticipation of casting with just one bait and seeing what you might catch!

You may get started by tying on the Berkley PowerBait Pre-Rigged Atomic Tubes. The ready-to-fish dynamos Berkley Powerbait Atomic Tubes are fantastic for trout and panfish alike! You may either cast them directly into a lake or tie them to a float and let them sink. See what you can pull out of the murky depths by twitching the Atomic Tubes on a slow retrieve to trigger the cut tentacles’ modest movement. The patented Powerbait formula’s seductive aroma and flavor, which has been demonstrated to increase the fish hold-on time by 18 times, is what the Pre-Rigged Atomic Tubes bring to the table.


  • Unbelievably irresistible scent and flavor.
  • Soft with a Sharp Hook.
  • Perfect for Northern pike, bass, and panfish.
  • Tempt biting fish with a smaller profile.
  • Cut tentacles add subtle action.
  • Feather-light movement helps you feel more bites.
  • Comes pre-rigged with a soft body, sharp hook, and cut tentacles
  • Ridiculously.
  • Perfect for Trout and Crappie Fishing.
  • Great for Panfish.
  • Now available in a 1/64th size.
  • The color maybe doesn’t match the picture.

12. Arbogast Jitterbug – Excellent for Night Fishing

The Arbogast Jitterbug is a durable and hard-plastic lure designed to capture bass, Murray cod, and many other species of gamefish. The Jitterbug is effective in both still and moving water and can be used by day or night. Made using durable, tough plastics and featuring a loud surface popping action noise emanating from the tail section. The Jitterbug has proven itself to be irresistible to many different types of fish, including bass, crappie, walleye, and musky.

 The Jitterbug Surface Pop tail is a great jig for when you are fishing on the surface from a boat, dock, or shore. These are designed to be used during the warmer months of the year and can be used in both night and daytime fishing. The jitterbug surface popping tail has been designed with durability in mind and will last years due to its hard plastic structure. The lure produces loud surface-busting sounds which draw in even the biggest species of bass. This lure’s principal target species are bass and Murray cod, but other species such as northern pike and perch will also respond well to its enticing sounds. The Jitterbug tail can be attached to your line by simply slipping over it and then crimping down onto your main line using an anklet ring adaptor (included).

 This is one of the most powerful surface-busting rods you can buy. This jitterbug is super light and a delight to cast. At times it doesn’t look like much of a lure, but when it’s underwater its nose will bounce so high off the water that you may see some bubbles rising! So if you are serious about catching bass then this is a lure worth getting (Arbogast Jitterbug).

 The Arbogast Jitterbug is an awesome surface-popping lure that produces great results. This surface-popping lure is indestructible and will suit all your needs for catching fish. The Arbogast Jitterbug is great for any fishing situation, from still water to windy conditions and everything in between!


  • Made of durable plastic material.
  • Classic jitterbug design.
  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • Designed by legendary top water lure master Fred Arbogast, Jitterbug is one of the most fun fishing lures to use.
  • Use it on any overcast or sunny day.
  • 2 hook design to secure capture on top.
  • Familiar topwater lure proved to catch fish no matter the time of day.
  • Increase the chance of catching fish.
  • Comes with hooks.
  • Easy to use.
  • Made by a legendary lure company.
  • Zach notices bass on the shoreline and decides.
  • More expensive than others.

Things to Consider when choosing the best lures for Bass

 It can get a bit overwhelming to find the right bass lure. It might be difficult to sort among the hundreds, if not thousands, of businesses that are making good bass lures. Finding the best lures out there requires understanding the characteristics of good lures, such as size, hook strength, colors, and application. When choosing new equipment, this will enable you to save money and frustration. Here are some characteristics of the top soft plastic and hard baits for bass fishing.

 Sometimes you want something to just get the job done, and right now your fishing lures might require an overhaul. Whether it is because they have been in storage for a while or you are simply running low on budget, there are many reasons that we all need to refresh our baits.

Water Condition to choose best lures for Bass

 If you find yourself fishing in murky water, you may not be able to see your lures. Good alternatives include offering fish a cover booster (a bulky substance like a jig head or heavy plastic bead) and an attractor. This will make noise, create some flash and also make it easy for fish to find food.

When there is a lot of rain or snow runoff in the spring, the water is typically the murkiest. When the snow melts, a lot of mud and dirt is carried down into the stream as it flows. Because of the low visibility caused by this, it is more difficult for the bass to see your lures.

Soft Plastic lures

 Soft plastics are great for bait fish and the bass species that enjoy them. They attract fish because they look like food, they float, and they move in the current. They are also less likely to scare away other fish because they generally don’t startle as easily as crankbait or jigging baits.

Soft Plastics are like worms without the hard part (the belly). And unlike worms, you don’t need to buy large amounts of soft plastics because they’re so small and inexpensive. Soft plastic baits can also be used for other types of fishing including bass and trout. There are many different kinds of soft plastics including crawfish baits, jig heads, shad flies, and even bucktail spinners. Regardless of what you’re fishing for, Soft Plastic Baits have something for everyone.

Hardbait lures

The popularity of hard baits has grown as fishing for bass has become more popular. Crankbaits and jerk baits are examples of hard baits, which are lures having a solid plastic or wood composition. Picking lures that will work consistently is vital because hard baits are frequently more expensive. I look at the components that go into the lures and then consider movement in terms of wobble and vibration.

FAQ on Best Lures for Bass

What is the best lure to catch a bass?

 The best lure to catch a bass is the one that you can use in the conditions and scenarios where you are fishing. If you prefer using a jig, crankbait, or plastic worm, it is important to choose a suitable size and color for your location as these seem to work better for me than other lures. I recommend using at least one of these types of lures when doing largemouth bass fishing.

What color lure is best for bass?

 The most basic rule to fish with a spinner bait is that the bait needs to be brightly colored in muddy water, and subtler in clear water. This helps the fish see the drifted bait and stay on course. In murky water, you want your lure to reflect off the bottom like crazy — a bright lure with a chartreuse abdomen also known as an “alligator” will do this well. On the other hand, when visibility is good, it’s best to go with brighter colors like orange or yellow. The brightness makes the lure easier to see at shorter distances.

What bait to use for bass in the fall?

Finding the right lure for your fall fishing is vital to getting great catches. To catch fish, you have to tempt them. The shallow cover makes this task easier, and it’s why bass seems content throwing back a square bill crankbait in the fall. Bass invest time and energy into producing an appetite during this time of year so your lures should help imitate forage.

Final Thoughts on Best Lures for Bass

The 12 best bass fishing lures listed above will give you a good range of basic baits to help you get started. When you go to the store to buy lures, remember that they are just the start. As you fish, learn what works in your area, and then build your tackle box based on your experiences. Fishing should be fun and when you get a bite, hope it’s not one of that bass that takes forever to land because it might be one of those fish that took 3 minutes to land.

I know there are a lot of bass lures available, and it can be difficult to select the ones that are right for you. I only covered a few types of baits here, but if you know what type of fishing you’ll be doing, you should go ahead and experiment with some different types. You might find something that works even better than what I’ve recommended.

Some people choose to leave their favorite lure at home just to cast something new and try a variety; others choose to experiment with their home waters and find out which fish they’re biting on. Try different lures, and change the colors and types if need be. There is no correct or incorrect way to use it.

In the end, it all comes down to personal preference and the type of fish you like to target. Still, studying his list will help you think about the different ways to approach bass fishing with lures and how you can formulate your arsenal.

When it comes to selecting the best bass lures there is much more than meets the eye. There are so many things to consider, such as: how the lure looks, durability, construction, and even price. Just because a lure is expensive, doesn’t mean that it’s worth the cost.

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