8 Best Winter Bass Lures 2022- Early Winter Bass Fishing

Best Winter Bass Lures

It’s time to move right along with our list of best winter bass lures! Winter brings different fishing opportunities than summer has to offer. Looking for solid baits will help you catch bass no matter what time of year it is. If you’re looking for baits that perform well in freezing temperatures, these are the best winter bass lures on the market.

It’s easy to get down on yourself when the temperatures start to drop. After all, your winter fishing season is finally coming to an end. It also can be difficult to come up with a plan for the next year without any ideas about where you want to go or what lures you’ll need. But don’t despair! You have options for winter bass lures! You know the pressure is on for you to catch wintertime bass. The season has officially begun and you need to start catching some fish if you want to keep up with your buddies. Shoot, everybody needs a bass boat in their life. Just like anything else, good bass lures take practice and patience to master. We’re breaking down the best winter bass lures, how to work them, and some choices for you to choose from.

Here’s a list of the 9 best winter bass lures that you can fish all winter long. These lures will get the job done even if there is snow on the ground and your boat launch is covered in winter!

  1. Best jerkbaits for winter bass: Rapala Shadow Rap Jerkbait
  2. Best spinnerbaits for winter bass: BOOYAH Pond Magic
  3.  Best blade bait for winter bass: Truscend fishing lures
  4. Best lipless crankbait for winter bass: Booyah Hard Knocker Lipless Crankbait
  5. Best jig for winter bass: Strike King Tour Grade Football Jig
  6. Best hair jig for bass: Dr.Fish Bucktail Jig
  7.  Best jigging spoons for winter bass: Sougayilang Jigs Fishing lure
  8. Swimbait: Strike King Rage Swimmer / Strike King Tail Craw

01. Best jerkbaits for winter bass: Rapala Shadow Rap Jerkbait

My preferred lure for bass that hangs over deep holes in the winter is the Rapala Shadow Rap because it can stay in the striking zone of suspended fish for an extended period of time. I can change the lure’s retrieve based on the fish’s attitude. A presentation of two to three jerks, followed by a two to three-second pause, is what bass enjoy on some days, whereas two jerks, followed by a 20 to 30 count pause, are what they prefer on other days. In case the fish move up or down the water column throughout the winter, the lures’ variously sized bills enable me to fish at various depths.

When you fish for bass in winter, one of the best ways to increase your chances of catching a big fish is to use an open-water lure. I typically use Rapala Shadow Rap lures to target suspended fish because they are often the only thing that will get hung up on. On the other hand, I can also use Jerkbait Pattern lures while trolling through channels or against structure and still catch good numbers of bass at different depths. The pattern in the hair attracts bass that is sitting on structures like docks and areas covered with leaves and debris.

2. Best spinnerbaits for winter bass: Booyah Pond Magic

Booyah pond magic spinnerbait is a good lure for slow rolling. It is easy to fish and very durable. The heads don’t break easily, so it’s a long-lasting lure. The best way to fish the blade spinnerbait is by trolling it slowly on a jig head, minnow, or worm line. It’s also a great bait if you are looking for something specific, like schooling bass that is only interested in chicken lures or grass carp that don’t eat much else. This lure is designed for the fish that live in remote farm ponds and drainage ditches, so it’s a very soft plastic for those heavy fish with a lot of guts.

Booyah Pond Magic Spinnerbait packs all the right ingredients to be a great choice for small water bass fishing. Its compact size and rugged construction are perfect for fishing in remote or in combination with other types of lures.

Booyah Pond Magic Spinnerbait is a versatile lure that is great for targeting shallow water flats or deeper structures where it is often found. The blades can be soaked in various liquids to produce just about any action associated with bass fishing. Whether you’re targeting bluegill, crappie, catfish, or white bass on your next outing, Booyah JigandBlade Spinnerbait will help you put fish in the boat!

3. Best blade bait for winter bass: Truscend fishing lures

The TRUSCEND is a simple bait with features that may not attract anglers in the bait store, but the subtle looks and action of these baits are deadly on winter bass. The blade bait works well whether you find bass up shallow where the greatest presentation is the pump movement, or you find them in deep water where you need to jig it like a spoon through suspended fish. The blade bait is slowly raised off the bottom, or a school of bass, during the pump movement. Allow it to wiggle back on a loose line after that. This is done on a light line and, with the treble hook on the bait, it does take some practice to keep from hanging up when the bass isn’t suspended. But, it works. Give it a try this winter.

The TRUSCEND blade bait is equipped with special fluorescent processes and employs 4 different coating techniques (frosting, hot foil die-stamping, plating, and metallic coating), it can reflect light just like the scales of a real bait fish. The unique TRUSCEND vibrating blade fishing lure attracts bass and other species by rolling along the surface of the water.

4. Best lipless crankbait for winter bass: Booyah Hard Knocker Lipless Crankbait

Booya Hard Knockers are hard-knocking crankbaits with a heavy rod pull and audible rattles that produce tons of noise. This lure is great for fishing across open water, in shallow water, or out of the boat because it can be cast out as far as possible over large weed flats. They’re also great tips on ven stains in murky water and are double-hooked for added durability. 

The new BOOYAH Bait is a great lipless crankbait for aggressive fishing in the Hard Knocker. With top-of-the-line color patterns, an aerodynamic shape that casts a mile, and top-quality components, this bait makes your choice easy. The sweetly quiet side rattles created by the Hard Knocker mimic the sound of escaping, panicked baitfish to attract attention from trophy bass. This Lipless Crankbait will let you live life out on the water in style. Featuring premium finishes and 3D eyes. Top-quality components make it easy to cast a mile and are aerodynamically designed to keep your fishing game-high all day long. These baits can be fished over large weed flats, dragging slowly and working to an audible stop. They have proven to be a consistent producer under varying conditions, especially in colder lakes and ponds.

5. Best Jig for winter bass: Strike King Tour Grade Football Jig

Need a new lure to help bring in the big bass of your life? Strike King’s Tour Grade Football Jig is the ultimate deepwater, big-bass jig! A wide football-shaped head with premium paint and weedguard creates a lifelike look and action.

Strike King Tour Grade Football Jigs are not only durable, but they are a top choice for tournament bass fishing tournaments. Featuring a wide, football-shaped head with an extra sharp hook and flat eye line tie for better hook sets, this jig offers superior action on the bottom. It also features durable paint jobs and premium skirts that come in an assortment of colors to match your favorite outfits or boat.

The Strike King Tour Grade Football Jig is the premier big-bass jig for deep water. These jigs feature an exceptional football-shaped head and premium skirt for extremely lifelike action. The eye line tie helps keep the line, knot, and jig in position; a wide fluted tail on these jigs adds to the heightened activity of this product. This lure is designed for anglers seeking deepwater, big-bass action. The extra sharp Gamakatsu 60° round bend hook aid in hook sets and the wide, football-shaped head gives a superior feel.

6. Best hair jig for bass: Dr.Fish Bucktail Jig

A long-time classic, the Dr.Fish Bucktail Jig has joined the ranks of popular bass fishing lures. The Dr.Fish Bucktail Jig will bring you to the top with its lifelike appearance and realistic presentation. Let the jig fall, jerk it slowly, let it fall again, and repeat this process—more lifelike action in the water than any other jig on the market. The image shows a natural color assortment perfect for a snowy day.

Dr.Fish Bucktail Jig is a great bait for bass, walleye, and pike. This jig features the patented Fish-Grip Serrated 3-Hook System that allows instant hookups. The slim profile and flotation ability of the lure provide you with more confidence in the water.

This bait’s minuscule weight, combined with its unique, wobbling movement and the rapid tail action of the swimming lip, can be tough to resist. Don’t let it get away! With its ultra-flexible construction and a topwater profile, this lure is perfect for fishing with or against the current on or over structures like docks, bridges, or tree lines.

Our Bucktail jigs are great for fishing in cold or wet weather. They glide through the water and create lifelike action for the fish to follow. With specific eyes, the holographic jigs are great for fishing in overcast conditions. The bucktail has a realistic body and scale pattern that is made from high quality durable marine-grade materials.

7. Best jigging spoons for winter bass: Sougayilang jigging spoons

The Sougayilang Jigs are ideal for jigging and trolling. They are designed to focus on targeting non-target species through the use of fast sinking objects with an overall slow and deep diving action. The jigs can be used wet or dry. A large variety of colors and sizes are available, both plain sealed hooks and trebles with soft plastics attached.

This lure is designed to work in deep clear water, often suspended over deep water. It can be fished vertically below the boat or horizontally above it to entice bass to bite with a subtle action. This jigging spoon, a favorite winter lure of highland impoundment fishermen, is an excellent lure for those suspended, deep-water baitfish eaters. This delicate lure with plenty of flashes is designed to dangle in front of a fussy bass’s face for extended periods, and entice them to bite — quite a tease!

Sougayilang Jigs bring you the ultimate in highly effective jigging fishing. The lure features powerful 3 Blade Dashbaits with Precision Cutting Blades and Serrated Vibration Gap that allow for massive action in the water column. The lure can be fished both vertically or horizontally, allowing it to cover both slow and fast-running fish from the surface down to the bottom of the water column. The possibilities are endless when using Sougayilang Jigs!

8. Best swimbait for winter bass: Strike King Rage Swimmer

Whether you’re fishing in stained water, murky water, or flat water, Swimbait: Strike King Rage Swimmer has you covered! Designed to evoke a quick response, Its sleek nose cone and soft ribbed body closely match features seen in nature, while its little tail pumps forth frantic vibrations at any speed. Extremely adaptable, we recommend using it as a trailer. But don’t forget—our swim baits will help you hit the mark every time!

The Strike King Rage Swimmer features a slim, round tail that produces subtle vibrations at slow speeds, and vibrates more with added speed. This bait swims great in clear water and is a highly effective swim-jig when fished on a jig head, or paired with a drop rig and fished off the bottom. Its nose cone silhouette closely mirrors the shape and contours of natural baits, making it an ideal trailer when fishing to suspend jigs/depth boats or twitches/fish as they are cast.

Annoying aggressive predatory fish both on the surface and below, the Strike King Rage Swimmer swims like a fish! The soft body flexes and turns, providing amazing action. Sharper, thinner tails are designed to reach out quickly and make a loud popping noise at any speed.

Final Thoughts

So here’s the list of the 8 best winter bass lures according to our experts. You can also follow their recommendations about fishing these top choices in low light as well as bright sun conditions. In a nutshell, this list is your wintertime survival guide, so don’t forget to study it carefully before hitting the ice next time!

With the right knowledge and equipment, wintertime can be a very productive time for bass fishing. If you love bass fishing in the summer and fall, you will enjoy bass fishing in the winter months.

The time of year when fishing slows down on the water tends to raise the number of questions that anglers have. What is biting? How do I catch bass without getting cold? What are the best winter bass lures? These are all very good questions, and that’s why we’ve decided to break out 8 of the best winter bass lures for you!

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