P-Line CXX Review 2022-Strong Copolymer Fishing Line

P-Line produces a copolymer fishing line that blends durability with high performance. We will be going over the P-Line CXX Review and how it can help you with all of your fishing needs. P-Line CXX is ideal for fishing in heavy cover or over rocky bottoms. CXX is available from 2 lb test up to 125 lb test, and it is made in the USA. P Line CXX copolymer fishing line comes in five color options (Crystal Clear, Hi-Vis, Moss Green, Smoke Blue, Fluorescent Green). See the chart below for the availability of test ratings and lengths.

This is among the most versatile lines on the market today. It’s like rubbing two pieces of Velcro together and getting something that glues rather than just sticks. Anglers can toss CXX into the dense cover or pull fish out of rocky holes and still have more pulling power than most monofilament lines.

Recently, P Line has released their new copolymer line of fishing lines. CXX is currently available in 5 different tests and 5 lengths that vary in price. With bulk and quarter spools, each test is available in the following color options: Crystal Clear, Hi-Vis Yellow, Smoke Blue, Moss Green, and Fluorescent Green. In addition to the fact that this fishing line can work in a variety of water conditions with its translucent color, it is also able to hold up to the elements by being abrasion-resistant and UV resistant.

What should you expect from the P-Line CXX Review?

P-Line CXX is a great line for anglers who feel sensitivity (the way your rod bend) is critical to detecting a light hook set and staging bites. On this P-Line CXX review, I wouldn’t recommend CXX for toothy species like pike. The idea that a line somehow has “memory” will come as a surprise to most fishermen. If you find it difficult to tie the best knot you can with stiff mono, that may be an issue. But, if you have experience tying with these lines, it’s no more of one with CXX. Then there are the practical considerations of using this over other lines: the stiffness, high price tag, and the greater difficulty in knot tying. From using it on my boat, I don’t find this line harder to put in my spool. However, if you are upset by a few extra curls in your line as it sits on your boat, this might not be the prospecting line for you.

Three years ago the P-Line team set their sights on creating a copolymer that would surpass the achievements of their X2, X3, and braided lines. In particular has become quite obsessed with the molecular structure of copolymers, as well as the difficulty in getting them to perform at the level of monofilament. This new series is now being referred to as P Line CXX and will be replacing all of the other copolymer fishing lines on the market today. To get this line to perform at such heights, P Line had to use a special process when blending two copolymers. This new line represents a huge leap forward for braided lines and will soon be favored by any angler who is looking for an abrasion-resistant fishing line that has a cast similar to mono.

  • The coating offers longer-lasting durability
  • Extra Strong line is incredibly strong and easy to tie a knot in
  • Smok blue line to match your fishing conditions
  • Nearly invisible line
  • high strength to diameter ratio
  • Extra limp,
  • low memory
  • Smok Blue Monofilament line is super durable 
  • Extra Strong line is great for saltwater
  • Color-coded line allows you to easily match the line to present conditions
  • the extra limp and supple line is easy to cast
  • CXX Extra Strong line reduces backlashing
  • No small loops that make your hands sore
  • Light in color, making it nearly invisible
  • Reliability is crucial when a fish can feel the slightest disturbance
  • Virtually invisible line suitable for many applications
  • Saltwater, freshwater, and competition acceptable
  • Use to battle monster fish, fish through heavy cover, and pull salmon from raging rivers
  • Easier to see than traditional monoline.
  • High-density polyethylene with UV inhibitors.
  • Specially designed for blue water applications.
  • Small diameter for improved stealth.
  • Superior strength, easy handling, and casting
  • Breaking strength and abrasion resistance are outstanding.
  • Strong knots with a high degree of sensitivity.
  • Knot strength and shock resistance are both impressive.
  • Strength-to-weight ratio is very high.
  • Smock Blue offers high visibility in the water.
  • Curls and memory issues for the spinning setup.
  • Stiffness makes tying more difficult.

Why You Should Choose These Lines?

P-Line CXX remains a solid choice for anglers that want a monofilament fishing line with high abrasion resistance and tensile strength. The line maintains its performance over time and its natural coloring makes it easy for anglers to see against any fish’s outline.

One misconception among many anglers is that fishing line (or any other product for that matter) produces drastically different results by material, brand, color, or type. Each one of these things can make a difference but it’s the combination of all factors that produce the greatest improvements. In almost every category in its class, P Line CXX sets the standard above all others by taking into account its full spectrum of features. The result is a fishing line that aspires to be superior in every way.

Who is the P-Line CXX Review For?

If you’re looking for a fishing line with amazing sensitivity, CXX will not let you down. This P-Line CXX review will help you to know how excels on both spinning and casting reels due to the lack of memory. Usually, being sensitive has a downside of a more difficult cast, but not in this case. There isn’t a lot of self-lubrication with CXX but it is enhanced by hand lubing and working the line. After a few hours of use, you won’t have any issues with the wet feel.

When it comes to fishing topwater plugs or pitching soft plastics to heavy cover, CXX is a great option. Experienced anglers—especially those using plugs—will appreciate the high sensitivity and low profile.

Verdict On P-Line CXX Review

P Line CXX is one of the most popular lines on the market. On this Its low elasticity, high abrasion resistance, and excellent knot strength make it an ideal choice for terrain like sand and rocks where a stiffer line may fail. It’s sensitive enough that it will make a novice angler more aware of the strike but has a memory that many fishermen find too difficult to work with.

There’s something special about P-Line CXX review, It offer a premium monofilament fishing line that is ideal for situations where thin diameter lines are necessary or where high strength and abrasion resistance are required. I’ll bet that your fishing buddy is just waiting for you to break it off with P Line and to turn over to something more sensitive. What he doesn’t realize is that you like P Line CXX because of its unique combination of strength and sensitivity. Let him discover his line and then tell him all about P Line once he’s hooked! 

Also, P Line CXX is perfect for vertical jigging, casting poppers and surface lures, or cranking surface plugs. It will also work for trout fishing in rivers and streams, but you may find the line muddies up with algae more than the others. That won’t be much of an issue with cranking and flipping through.

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