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The Sufix 832 Braid is a great choice for anglers who want to be able to cast farther and fight bigger fish. The braided line has the strength of a monofilament with the flexibility of a braid, allowing you to get more distance on your casts and feel less strain while fighting larger gamefish.

Sufix 832 Braided line is easy to use for a novice like me, but expert anglers might find it bulky while casting because there’s not much space left when reeling the cast back. On this Sufix 832 Braid review I described I really enjoy how strong and flexible this braided fishing line feels though- at least knots will hold up well with it!

What should you expect on Sufix 832 Braid review (price)

The Sufix 832  Braid is a quality product that’s made in America. The braided line has the strength of a monofilament with the flexibility of braid, allowing you to get more distance on your casts and feel less strain when fighting larger gamefish. If this matters to you then it’s worth checking out!

It was easy enough for me to use quickly but experienced anglers might not enjoy how bulky it gets while casting because there isn’t much room left by the time they reel back their cast. I like how strong but still flexible the material is though so if all else fails at least I know my knots will hold up well with this line!

Key Features

Build Quality 

Sufix 832  is made of a copolymer material that has a higher density than monofilament. The use of high-performance copolymers allows the line to be more flexible and stronger at the same time. This means you’ll have less wear on your reel when using this line, but still get great durability!


This line is made for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, which makes it a flexible choice! You can use this to surf fish on the ocean or go catch bass in local lakes. It’s perfect for any type of fishing you might be thinking about doing because it doesn’t have many limitations.

Color option

  • Sufix 832  comes in three colors: clear, black, and green     
  • Clear color is perfect for high visibility underwater
  • Black color is great when fishing at night
  • Green color blends in well with natural environments. It’s good to use if you want your line to be less visible from the water surface or on bright days.

Fishing Line Swivels

The most common types of swivels are ball bearing, barrel, and snap. A ball bearing swivel has two balls inside a case that allow it to spin freely around one or more lines at once without twisting them together. The barrel-style swivel has a tube that can be rotated to prevent twisting. A snap swivel is the most basic type and connects two lines of fishing line with an attached clip at each end, usually found on spinning reels


The diameter ranges from 0.024 inches up to 0.028 inches, with the most common size being 0.026.


The suffix is a manufacturer of fishing gear and accessories, primarily made from high-grade material to ensure the best possible performance with every product they make.   Their line includes hooks, terminal tackle, fly lines, leaders, and more. They are one of the top companies in their industry that produces high-quality products.


The Suffix Braid line is one of the best on the market for durability and abrasion resistance. The braid stands up to all extremes in fishing conditions, from freshwater bass fishing to saltwater shark-fishing.


Suffix braids are incredibly strong and can handle a lot of pressure With a breaking strength of 330lb. This product does not disappoint when it comes to holding power under pressure.


Suffix’s braids hold up significantly better than other brands in the same class and price range because they are made from higher-quality materials that will not snap after heavy use or time. Furthermore, it’s very durable against abrasion, preventing any type of fraying or breaking in heavy use.

Available in different sizes  

  • Suffix .032: 30lb. breaking strength, 220 yards per spool
  • Suffix .041: 41lb. breaking strength, 210 yards per spool
  • Suffix .060: 60lbs.breaking strength, 190 yards per spool

The suffix braid offers a variety of sizes for any situation that you may find yourself in.

Larger spool size

When fishing for heavy fish, such as king mackerel or tuna, the suffix braid is often a go-to because it does not tangle nearly as much and can be handled easier with larger hands. The Suffix .060 offers 190 yards of the braid to work with and is significantly stronger than the suffix .032 that has a breaking strength of 30lbs.

Smaller spool size

If you’re looking for something more lightweight, there are several sizes of Suffix braid available including the suffix .031 which offers 180 yards per spool. The smaller spools make it easier to manage when you are working with a smaller vessel and less line.


It’s lighter and less expensive than many other types of braided lines. It has a high strength-to-weight ratio which makes it cost-effective in applications where you need to put a lot of pressure on the line without adding too much extra weight.


This is a great braided line to use for casting. It’s able to cast farther and has less water resistance than other types of fishing lines which allows it to go through the air more easily when you’re trying to get that fish out on the opposite end of your rod.

Reel Capacity

Suffix braid can hold more lines than many other types of fishing lines. This is great for those who want to reel in their catch without having to stop and re-spool the line while they’re out on the water or when you don’t have a lot of time to mess with it before your fish gets away.


This is a great fishing line to use when you’re fishing in an area with lots of rocks or other things that may get caught on the hook. The braided design means it’s much harder for smaller objects to catch onto the hooks and make them difficult or impossible to remove, which can lead to some serious issues if you’ve lost your bait.


Suffix Braid is a very light line and it can also be stretched out quite easily if you need to – this makes it great for using when you’re throwing your cast net or other fishing devices that require some pullback. You’ll also find it’s easy to cut the braid with just about any sharp object.

Easy to use

Easy to use for beginners, but experienced anglers might not enjoy the bulkiness because they don’t have as much room left by the time they reel back their cast. I like how strong and flexible it is though!

Who is the product for?

The Suffix Braid scored the highest in our lineup, which is why we recommend it for anyone who wants a braided fishing line with excellent strength and durability. We recommend this product for anglers that are looking to reel in the big one. If you need a strong, durable line that can resist abrasion and environmental conditions while fishing off of rocks or other rough surfaces, look no further than Suffix Braid!

Why should you buy Sufix 832 Braid Line?

Sufix 832 Braid is the best option for anglers that are looking to reel in the big one. If you need a strong, durable line that can resist abrasion and environmental conditions while fishing off of rocks or other rough surfaces, look no further than Suffix 832 Braid!    

  • Flexible.
  • Resists abrasion.
  • can withstand environmental conditions.
  • Proven castability improvements. 
  • Completely abrasion resistant. 
  • The most durable line on the market. 
  • 8 fibers for ultimate abrasion resistance.
  • Dye retains color, stays on the line longer. 
  • Innovative Dyneema fibers for unrivaled strength.
  • Incredible strength that won’t break as easily.
  • Great knot to the line, no more fraying of the braid.
  • Its round shape is perfect for all types of fishing gear.
  • Superior material and construction makes it a must-have for all.
  • fishermen.
  • Bulky for experienced anglers.
  • It’s a little more difficult to deal with than other fishing lines.

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Conclusion of Sufix 832 Braid Review

The braided lines I’ve tried differ with respect to strength, price, and what kinds of fish they are used for. If you want a line made from nylon then the Sufix 832 is a good choice. It wasn’t as strong or durable as most of the other braids, but better than mono and fluoro when used for your mainline

You can tie knots without worrying about them breaking due to being too stiff. The material is resistant enough against wear from friction. It’s made with a high degree of durability that outlasts any other type of line. This is the most powerful, versatile line on the market. if you’re looking to toss a braided line on your rod then I think you’d be happy going with Sufix 832 braided advance super  line As I said, I haven’t tried them all but it’s better than the ones I have used and it’s much better than mono or fluoro as your main fishing line.

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